Peveragno (Ano and Kato Kalamonas) was the name given to an Italian colonization center built in 1931. Here the Italian company “Società Agricola Frutticoltura” was purchased by the Turkish owners of a large area (3500 sqm) wasteland that had some houses with stables with cows and horses. They also had a mosque and it was called Kalamonas.

In this area the company had built a modern settlement in whice rural families who had emigrated from Italy settled there. The rural settlement was equipped with all public services: Town Hall, School, and Police Headquarters. The mosque was turned into a church. It had mills and workshops for the production and processing of products, and it was planted with olive trees, vines, mulberry trees and fruit trees.

This agricultural center was named Peveragno Rodio in honor of the governor of occupied Italian islands of Aegean, Mario Lago. After the liberation in 1947 the village and the company were abandoned and today most of them are destroyed.